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Clio Capital Partners is looking to acquire and actively manage businesses.

We fundamentally believe the success of a business begins with a strong focus on its people and shared values.

Our Team


We have the ability to adapt to the succession plans and needs of the seller, so the long-term success of the company can be prioritized. Our goal is the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.


We’ll bring new energy, experience, and a broad network of partners and professionals. Our primary focus is growth, and not on financial engineering or cost-cutting. We operate in an ethical manner and aim to drive positive value creation in the local community.


We recognize that success cannot be built in day. We’re focused on entrepreneurs whose stories appeal to us, and we'll seek to build upon their legacy for many years to come.


Upon acquisition, we’ll invest all our time and energy into the company. Your business won’t become yet another cog in a large portfolio or a support branch of a larger business. Our Principal and team will be personally present in the day-to-day management of the company.

Superior Transition for a Business Owner

Clio Capital Partners provides an attractive solution for business owners looking to transition their legacy. We have the flexibility to structure a tailored transaction to best meet your personal and professional goals. Common rationales include:

  • Approaching retirement

  • Desire to pursue other entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Lack of succession options

  • Seeking liquidity


Need more details? Contact us.

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