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Focused on preserving your legacy.

Acquiring, operating, and building upon the growth of your company.

Clio Capital Partners knows what it takes to build and grow successful companies. Beyond capital, we bring operating experience, execution discipline, and strategic knowledge.

Succession planning for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs


If you’re an owner who’s contemplating life after your company, you need a trusted and qualified partner to preserve the legacy you’ve built.


Seeking high-quality businesses with track records of growth and profitability

Clio Capital Partners’ mission is to acquire companies with established track records, partnering with the management team to develop and execute on a shared vision for long-term value creation. We will invest in, operate, and continue to grow the business.

Our core mission is to protect the legacy of your business


We fundamentally believe the success of a business begins with a strong focus on its people and shared values. After reviewing our approach, we hope you’ll trust us to assist in your transition.


Each owner’s circumstances are different. Whether you’re seeking a phased transition, to exit entirely, or something in between, we have the flexibility to work with you on a customized solution to fit your needs.


Upon a successful transition, we’re fully committed to operating your organization. It’s in our nature to roll up our sleeves and become embedded in the business.

Legacy Preservation

Given our patient and flexible investor base, we are well-positioned to build upon your business’s strong reputation, respecting the drivers of your past success: your employees, customers, and suppliers.

People First

We believe employees are a company’s most valuable asset and are devoted to a culture of pride, hard work, respect, and integrity.


Growth is an inherent part of our strategy, but it doesn’t occur overnight. Our investment philosophy is predicated on taking a long-term operational and financial outlook.


Selling your business can create uncertainty. You can trust us to be honest and transparent, creating a partnership to negotiate the fairest deal possible for all involved.


We recognize the concerns of privately held business owners and pledge to keep our discussions completely confidential.

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